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Agriculture Value ChainAn electronic article on the Agriculture Value Chain by AdesinaDocument
Bull And Ram FatteningAs a modification of an intensive system of animal production, fattening of bulls and ram in a feedlot is one of the best options of increasing animal protein supplyDocument
Cassava Production, Processing And UtilizationIt is an important food staple and industrial crop in Nigeria. Cassava is also important as a major source of income for rural households. Nigeria is currently the largest producer of cassava in the world with an annual production of over 54tons froDocument
Challenges And Prospects Of AgricultureChallenges and Prospects of Agriculture in Nigeria by Oni Timothy OlukunleDocument
Estimating Farm Machinery CostAs a farmer’s investment in machinery and equipment is a major capital input in the farm business, s/he should know how to estimate costs of owning and operating a machine before investing his/her capitalDocument
Garlic Production Under IrrigationGarlic is about 40cm tall when fully grown. The leaves of onion, shallot and chive are cylindrical and hollow while that of garlic are flat and very slender. All the leaves arise from the swollen stem that takes the forks of a bulb. Garlic bulbs consDocument
Heat –Tolerant Tomato Production Under IrrigationHeat tolerance in tomato is defined as the ability of certain varieties of tomato to set fruits under high temperatures not lower than 210C. Some tomato plants continue to produce even during periods of extreme heat and humidity or heat and drought. Document
Herd Health Management In Farm AnimalsAnimals like human beings need to have good health before they can perform very well. The performance could be in milk production in dairy animals, meat in beef cattle, sheep and goat. The performance could also be the strength to pull farm implementDocument
Irrigated Onion Production And Management Onion (Allium cepa) is a vegetable crop grown almost all over the world. It is grown mainly for its bulb, which is used in every home, almost daily. It is rarely used as a sole dish or in large quantities. Its main use lies in flavoring and seasonDocument
Irrigated Pepper ProductionIn Nigeria, pepper is mainly grown around the Savanna ecological zones as a crop mixture or mono crop both during the rainy season and dry season under irrigation. Although the crop is widely cultivated in Nigeria, the estimated yields of 9t/ha obtaiDocument
Leadership And Interpersonal SkillsUnder the Training and Visit (T & V) extension system which is currently being used for extension delivery nationwide, the spheres and responsibilities of the core extension personnel are clearly specified at all levels. The core extension personnel Document
Maize Production, Marketing, Processing & Utilization In Nigeria MAIZE Production, Marketing, Processing & Utilization In Nigeria Document
Major Diseases And Pests Of Forest Trees And Their Control In NigeriaSeries of research studies on forest protection have led to the discovery of numerous disease pathogens and pests including nematodes attack on forest trees and formation of effective control measures for them.Document
Preparation, Processing And Utilisation Of Fish ProductsFish is one of the protein foods that needs careful handling. This is because fish spoils easily after capture due to the high tropical temperature which accelerates the activities of bacteria, enzymes and chemical oxidation of fat in the fish. Due Document
Production Of Gum ArabicGum Arabic is an organic adhesive produced from a tree called Acacia Senegal. The gum has a wide range of industrial uses especially, in areas of feed, textiles and pharmaceutical industries. In food products, it serves as a stabilizer, emulsifier, aDocument
Restraining Techniques In Farm AnimalsAnimal restraint is the process of preventing an animal or group of animals from action or motion, for example flight or attack for various purposes. An animal may require restraint for examination, treatment, milking etc. Restraint can be achieved sDocument
Sesame Best Practice sesame best practice activity in comparison to traditional practice against improved practice with inclusion of site selection, land preparation, seed, planting, fertilizer, weed control, pest control, to yield.Document