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Farmers access to credit facilities is supported to be an accelerator of agricultural development through a wide spread break away from traditional technology and by fostering the generalized adoption of developed and improved technology.In assertion, institutional credit if made available to farmers could ameliorate some of the farmers problems such as small farm size, low output, low income and low social –economic status.

It can also relieve farmers of the excesses interest impose on them by the informal creditors who usually charge high interest rate of between 100-300 percent per annum. Based on the above consideration and the vital role of credit in agricultural development, government initiated different policy measures for extending financial assistance to small-scale farmers through a farm credit scheme at low interest rates.

Policy Schemes

Some of the credit institutions established are the: It has been confirmed that a well-managed institutional credit scheme aided agricultural development while poorly managed credit programme has been instrumental to agricultural stagnation in many developing countries


In Nigeria agrarian-based community is made up of some poor ruralite and generally poverty ridden farming population. Thus, the higher a farmer’s social status, the better his adoption behaviour tends to be when compared with other farmers.
To accomplish this laudable objective the following specific objectives were set: Therefore for eligibiity,a farmer needs to have a profitable supplementary income and also an early adopter of new technology that may require demanding for credit facilities.

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Credit Scheme Details

Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit
Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit (ADTFC) is a tripartite arrangement between a trust fund provider, the Bank, and CBN (guarantor) to provide working capital loans for farm business.
Guaranteed Fund Credit
The Guaranteed Fund Credit provides credit for various agricultural enterprises under a guarantee fund model. It derives its essence from the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme of the CBN.
Agricultural Produce Finance
The Agricultural Produce Finance facilitates trade in agric commodities by produce dealers who have adequate storage facilities to stock grains and other commodities at harvest season.
Multi Channels Agricultural Financing Scheme
Multi Channels Agricultural Financing Scheme helps to ease the cashflow problems of salary earners involved in farming. It is the perfect way to keep your farm in business while you get on with your regular job.
Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme
Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme (CACS) is N200 billion Fund established by the CBN and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources as a strategic response to the lingering food and energy crisis worsened by the global financial melt-down
Industrial End Users Out Growers Scheme
This product is a tripartite arrangement between an industrial or commercial end-user of agric commodity or exporter, the farmers or primary producers, and the Bank.
Conventional Term Loans & Overdrafts
Agricultural Term Loans and Overdrafts are facilities that provide credit for the high end customers that may be individuals or medium semi-structured or structured corporate customers with annual sales turn-over of N20 million to N100 million, and to large scale semi-structured or structured corporate customers with annual sales turn-over in excess of N100 million.

Lending Banks

You can find below a list of supporting and lending banks in the agriculture credit scheme. Click on the bank to expand the supporting scheme and other details.
Union Bank of Nigeria
Agricultural Credit Support Scheme ( ACSS )
Unity Bank Plc.
Agricultural Development Trust Fund Credit
First Bank of Nigeria
Agricultural Credit Support Scheme ( ACSS )