Farm Produce
Legumes And Pulses
 General InformationProduction InformationIndustry Information
Produce NameVarietiesMode of PropagationMajor Areas of ProductionFurther InformationTotal Last YieldRelevant Industry
PeanutsRunner, Spanish, Valencia, VirginiaSeed 19828...
BreadfruitPrickly, White Heart, Yellow heartSeed 12...
SoyBeansGx1740-2F, TGx1987-10F, TGx1987-62FSeed 2315527...
CowpeaSeed 1860791...
GroundnutSeed 5961494...

Produce Details

The Produce Details are grouped in the following ;  
  • The Produce Type, Name, Image and Background information.
  • The Agro-Allied Industry Applications
  • The Value Chain Investment Opportunities
  • Seeds & Availability
  • Soil, Water, and other Requirements
  • Producing Farms & Area of Production
  • Common Diseases