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Transportation of Farm Produce(s)
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Production Image Fragile TransportEggsDangote Group
Production Image Livestock Transport Dangote Group
Production Image Perishable TransportFruits and Vegetable products 
Production Image Refrigerated TransportFish and Fishery Products, Meat and Meat ProductsDangote Group, Jepmat Services Limited
Agricultural Transportation refers to the number of wheels and vehicles in use in agriculture produce transportation. Low farm power availability and utilization is one of the key factors limiting the production capacities and productivity of Nigerian farmers. There is still a predominant use of age long hand tools for agricultural production activities. Nigeria’s agriculture requires a very strong boost because of increasing population and decreasing land resources due to environmental factors.
Nigerian agriculture has been very internationally uncompetitive in terms of quality, quantity, grades, hygiene, pricing and markets and will remain so until infrastructures are upgraded,and policy and institutional measures favoring it are put in place. Improvements in infrastructure – particularly productive investments in animal feeds and access to organisations that rents to farmers. read more

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