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Cassava Mosaic VirusThe cassava mosaic virus disease is an important cassava disease which causes low yields. It can be recognised on the cassava leaves which have spots ranging from light green to yellow. The disease is given to the plant by the whitefly. This disease Access AgricultureRedirect
Controlling Banana WeevilsLearn how to spot banana weevils, how to keep them out of new banana fields and how to trap them.Access AgricultureRedirect
Drying And Storing ChilliesFarmers in southern Malawi have come up with their own clever ways to harvest, dry, grade and store their chillies. To remove the pain in their hands after harvesting the chillies, they use various techniques. The biggest enemy of stored chillies is Access AgricultureRedirect
Killing Fruit Flies With Food BaitsFood baits can be used as a spot spray or in bait stations. Fruit flies can detect food baits over short distances, up to 10 metres. Some baits contain a natural insecticide that is allowed in organic fruit production.Access AgricultureRedirect
Making A Chilli SeedbedUse quality seeds in a seedbed of one meter wide. Make furrows about every 15 cm. Do not sow too many seeds too close together or the seedlings will be too tall and weak and they will break easily when transplanted. Protect the seedbed from the hot sAccess AgricultureRedirect
Managing Onion DiseasesOnions grow well under many different conditions, but when grown in the rainy season onions have a greater chance of getting sick. Onion diseases can make the leaves fold and reduce your yield. Diseases can spread with soil, seed or infested crop resAccess AgricultureRedirect
Promoting Weaver Ants In Your OrchardWeaver ants help to protect your fruit and nuts from fruit flies and many other pests. If you don’t have weaver ants in your orchard yet, collect all the nests from an ant colony and transfer them to one of your fruit trees. Help the ants to spread tAccess AgricultureRedirect
Propagating YamPropagating yam through minisettsYouTubeRedirect
Reviving Soils With MucunaIn the coastal savanna of West Africa, farmers explain how a mucuna cover crop helped to revive their highly degraded soil, and suppress the noxious weeds Striga and Imperata. They show how to grow it to benefit your maize and cassava, and why discusAccess AgricultureRedirect
Storing Fresh And Dried TomatoesYou can store fresh tomatoes in a local fridge for a few weeks. A local fridge consists of two earthen pots, placed one inside the other and separated with sand. In addition to storing fresh tomatoes, they can also be dried and used any time. Dried tAccess AgricultureRedirect
Weaver Ants Against Fruit FliesIt takes a few minutes for a fruit fly to find a suitable spot on the mango and inject her eggs under the skin of the fruit. But even in that short time, the weaver ants will have either chased her away or have captured her. Their scent also helps. WAccess AgricultureRedirect